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As you decide on the most suitable juicer to select out of the different types available, it is necessary for you to be fully aware of the different factors that make up a great juicer and understand juicer reviews. A great juicer can be considered as a good health investment as it will enable you make fresh and healthy juicers. When out shopping, you will realize that the price range will vary from one juicer to the next. At this point most people often ask themselves a bunch of questions with the most popular being ”what is the difference between the low priced and high priced juicers, yet they perform a similar function?” This question does not necessarily have a direct answer since a good juicer is mainly determined by a number of factors as seen below.

1. User friendly and easy to clean up.
If every time you feel the need to make yourself a glass of fresh juice, but opt not to do so due to the hassle and function complications of your juicer, this is a clear indication that your juicer is not suitable. A great juicer is one which is easy to clean and use. This allows you to make juice whenever the need arises without having to worry about anything.

2. Juice quality.
The best juicers usually produce high quality juice. This is the kind of juice that contains plenty of nutrients with high enzyme content.

3. Durability.
High quality juicers often come with quality warranties of between one or two years. Some of the less costly motors are usually fitted with brush motors which are not horse-powered and therefore cannot effectively handle rinds, seeds or stems. This forces you to cut down every produce into tiny pieces in order to protect the motor from burning out within a short period of time.

4. Ounce of juice produced per pound.
This is one of the most important factors which separate bargain juicers from the quality ones. A good juicer is usually capable of extracting a good amount of juice in every pound of produce used. When using a low quality juicer, you will be throwing money down the drain due to your juicer’s inability to squeeze out all the juice from the fresh fruits and vegetables. You may also be forced to buy more produced in order to get the quantity of juice that you require something which could have otherwise been prevented.

5. Power.
A good juicer is one that has no less than 1/4 horsepower or anything above that. Hard produce usually require more power. This means that if you get a low powered juicer you will be limited in the produce you can work with or will not be able to make good quality juice. As previously stated, the stronger a motor is the more likely it is to last. Motors on good quality juicers usually come with a guarantee from the manufacturer.

6. Noise levels.
This is specific to a juicer’s motor power level. High powered motors often produce more noise. This factor is highly dependent on personal preferences and situations. However, it is important to note that the less noisy a motor is the less power it has.

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